The Industry

Networking in Malaysia

The Harp to South East Asia.

The Malaysian economy has performed remarkably well over the years due to the country’s political stability, financial growth and economic policies adopted by the government. Impressively, the economic growth only influences relatively low inflation.

Major global MLM companies with strategic vision had set-up their base in Kuala Lumpur. With the implementation of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) system, they can ensure an unmatched advantage in conquering the South East Asia region and furthermore, globalization.

Information Technology

Our qualified and skilled personnel switch the conventional approaches, to the latest computerization system. Moreover, we advise our clients the right combination of hardware system and software system to suit both current business requirements and future expansion plans. This cost-effective, fully customizable & proven web based software is to ensure the smooth implementation and application.

We oversee, supervise and monitor the changing process of all time. Hence, leveraging technology for business efficiency.

MLM and Direct Selling in Malaysia

In Malaysia, one of the Company's target markets, MLM is already a widely accepted form of business, with its own way of moving products or services to generate business sales volume. It is also a regulated market. As there were a total of 341 registered direct selling companies in Malaysia, it is estimated that around 15% of the South East Asian population is involved in the direct selling business, with the majority of the Direct Sales companies that actively participate in the South East Asian markets being based in Malaysia.

Whilst the number of license holders reflects the competitive nature of the industry, the total turnover from Malaysia's MLM sector has grown to USD 53 billion in 2015 and involved in 3% of the MLM global market. According to the annual report 2015 by WFDSA , Malaysia was listed in 9th place In the world .

The Interest

Higher cost of living, unemployed graduates’ increases and the continuous soft market has prompted greater interest in the MLM opportunity as an alternative or supplementary income source, thus boosting distributors’ overall productivity.

The present trend of making money in a very simple in the way of Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Now MLM trend is really blooming all over Malaysia which ultimately dominating unemployment. With a low start-up capital and risk, this has given individuals the opportunity to build their own entrepreneurship. Together with intensive marketing activities and aggresive mindset, this has contributed to the improved performance.

The Government

The Malaysia government is one of the select few worldwide selected countries that positively supports the growths of its MLM industry through affirmative actions as opposed to large majority who adopt a more regulatory/controlling approach.

The People

The people here are multiracial, multi religious, and industrious, working side by side in a great harmony. Our government encourages us to invest our earnings. The people are widely traveled entrepreneurs and thus exposed to the world in all aspects of life. English is a common language, and most of the people here can speak a minimum of two to three languages, be in Mandarin or Malay or Tamil (including the various dialects).

The Prospect

The prospect for the industry are dazzling and flourish. Due to the government’s initiatives of promoting the industry, it implements a Anti Pyramid Act tabling.

The Direct Selling License & Approval Letter in Malaysia

To-date, there are a total of 582 companies which carry a valid Direct Selling License in Malaysia. However, there are other operators who do not carry a valid license. In a report from Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Malaysia, pyramid selling is an issue of concern because the promoters of pyramid and similar schemes often attempt to disguise themselves as a legitimate direct selling business.

Number of valid Direct Selling License from 2000 to 2015
Marketing plan MLM SLM MO SL/MO TOTAL
2000 427 199 69 17 712
2001 213 117 31 24 385
2002 230 124 28 31 413
2003 359 128 38 29 554
2004 304 149 37 31 521
2005 342 158 37 32 569
2006 394 162 36 30 622
2007 418 164 37 31 650
2008 427 174 37 32 670
2009 350 99 25 17 491
2010 390 113 25 17 545
2011 399 117 23 17 556
2012 385 98 22 17 522
2013 324 85 22 17 448
2014 309 75 25 15 424
2015 (until 30 Nov 2015) 253 58 24 11 346

Note: Source from KPDNKK

MLM - Multi Level Marketing
SLM - Single Level Marketing
MO - Mail Order
SL/MO - Single Level, Mail Order

AJL License

Approval Letter