Services - Product Registration

Reveal an Easiest and Fastest Way to get your PRODUCT APPROVAL

For You who are Almost (but NOT quite) Satisfied with Your method to obtain a New Product Approval----AND Can’t Figure Out What you’re doing Wrong:

Have you ever SICK of

  • Waste Your Valuable Time to Prepare Annoying Documents for Product Registration?
  • Waste Your Money for not getting the right consultation service?
  • Tired to follow up the Whole process of Registration?
  • Working on Label, Packaging, Ingredients List ……Without Any Guidelines Or Mentor?
  • Waiting and Waiting for Product Approval to Start Your Business?

If You Spend A Lot of Time on solving all these Challenges, And Do Not receive the Desired Results, We Will Change That, We Provide the Service and Consultation that REALLY Work for You.

So, END ALL YOUR CHALLENGE with our Services.

We Provide Product Registration Service And Product License Application Not Only In Malaysia But In SOUTH EAST ASIA. 

Who we are

We are a progressive professional team, ever ready to propose valuable opinions, suggestions and solutions to our clients. All of the team consultants are well trained whose promise to provide complete distinctive professional services and to become the professional partner for our clients.

We have a well equipped resources maintenance centre to ensure all team consultants enjoy up-to-date information at all time. In order to provide high standard of services, we carry out frequent researches and continuously develop professionalism through seminars, courses and in-house training.

Under the guidance of the overall strategy, we provide professional business consultation and guidance of positioning key products in the market regarding its product range, category, product combination and direction of development. We also provide product registration service and product license application to ensure that your business operates smoothly.

Our services included:

  • Quest2 Online Submission System ( Digicert Smartcard Application)
  • Obtain Approval letter/ MAL No. from DCA( Drug Control Authority) or Biro Pengawalan Farmaseutikal Kebangsaan (BPFK) for product:
    • Phamarceutical Product
    • OTC(Over The Counter) Product
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Food Supplements
    • Traditional Medicine
    • Cosmetic
  • Apply Import and Whole Sale License
  • Apply KKLIU (Advertisement) Certificate from Medicine Advertisement Board
  • Obtain HALAL Certificate from MOH(Ministry Of Health)
  • Obtain GMP certificate
  • Consult in preparation of dossiers for product registration in SEA (South East Asia).

* PS: We do provide our consultation on product positioning, product’s particulars, packaging particulars, labeling particulars and other documents needed in product registration.