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Expand Your Business Horizons

Overseas markets present enormous opportunities for expanding businesses, but setting-up an unfamiliar road can be hazardous for a company of any size. MLM Smart Resources offers a unique idea to focus on reducing your risk while increasing your potential in the MLM industry.

We will guide you and your company alongside the complete right path. Our network and independent consultant brings together the most experienced and knowledgeable specialists in the South East Asia region. We are prepared to facilate you through the maze.

Discover MLM Smart Resources

MLM Smart Resources is incorporated to cater for MLM companies which need specific business professional attention. Ever since the implementation of Direct Sales Act 1993 in Malaysia, the industry is growing tremendously. As such, these draw the attention of more investors to participate in the industry.

The MLM industry has been recognized as one of the core industry by the government. However, the MLM business needs precise set-up and a structured marketing strategy in order to build a solid operation system. We are practically experienced and dedicated to assist you to avoid unnecessary problems and obstacles while exploring in local markets and as well as expanding into international business.

Our Expertise :

  1. Direct Selling License Application
    The Malaysia Government has always encourges its growth and a positive recognition to MLM industry. The enactment of Direct Sales Act 1993 that accords legal protection to MLM companies, together with license application and approval process represent the significant of this industry to the goverment.
  2. Setting-up MLM company
    We assist to set up MLM Companies through proper planning and legal channels. Our extensive network in South East Asia and unique professional consultation services give the precise direction to our clients. Other than helping to reduce potential business risk, we also assist our clients' business smoothly while exploring in local markets and as well as expanding into international business.
  3. Product Positioning & Registration
    Under the guidance of the overall strategy, we provide professional business consultation and guidance of positioning key products in the market regarding its product range, category, product combination and direction of development. We also provide product registration service and product license application to ensure that your business operates smoothly.
  4. Design & Modify Compensation Plan
    We help to design and formulate legal Compensation Plan based on frequent evaluation and research. This will help the companies to establish proper system, philosophy, competitiveness of compensation plan.
  5. Direct Selling Software System
    Develop system template based on the identified compensation plan, provide software maintenance and operation training as well as assist in mastering the system implementation.
  6. Business Strategies & Planning
    Provide overall planning of marketing strategy, positioning, market segmentation, explore and develop strategic process; and basing on the company's strenght, we provide guidance on market management, human resource, market investment and sales administration strategic planning.
  7. Personnel Recruitment Service
    Select professional manpower for the corporation, including marketing, training, customer service and departmental heads. Ensure that the company is operating positively; assist in developing long term goals with MLM leaders.
  8. Corporate Training/Education
    Bring together management personel's expertise of achieving corporation's target, professional manpower development. Provide systematic operation planning for distributors to ensure mutual cooperation that benefits all parties.
  9. Network Consultation
    Develop networking team; provide consultation to top leaders in support of expanding greater achievements and results.
  10. Marketing Consultation
    We assist companies in planning and strategic design of business development, new product development and positioning, marketing strategies and development of new market resources.
  11. Re-Engineering
    Provide assistance in full or partial business restructuring. Establish a proper market positioning and target based on the company's competitive edge and market condition. Provide consultation and latest information reports in order for management decision making to run smoothly.
  12. Customer Service Management
    Design a customer service management system that represents the core values of the company to achieve customer satisfaction based on corporation spirit, cultural philosophy, brand image and fundamental requirements. Complete the customer service process, resolve customers' complaints, constantly stay updated with corporate information and product management details.
  13. Service Office
    Provide service of valid address and service office for your convenience without physically occupying a premise. Located strategically with official signage provided.