Company Profile

Establishment of MLM Smart Resources

MLM Smart Resources was established by Mr. S.Y.Khor. The services and the clientele of the firm increased immensely over the years.

From the humble beginning, the firm has successfully expanded by introducing their Service Division to cater the ever-increasing demands from their clients. Moreover, the firm keeps enhancing and up-dating its specialization to provide sound professional services. This move, turns the firm into a One-Stop Professional Centre, thus providing a full range of professional services.

MLM Smart Resources is a progressive professional team, ever ready to propose valuable opinions, suggestions and solutions to our clients. All of the team consultants are well trained whose promise to provide complete distinctive professional services and to become the professional partner for our clients.

We have a well equipped resources maintenance centre to ensure all team consultants enjoy up-to-date information at all time. In order to provide high standard of services, we carry out frequent researches and continuously develop professionalism through seminars, courses and in-house training.

The Founder

Mr. SY Khor is the founder of MLM Smart Resources. He established MLM Smart Resources to cater and provide fullest attention to investors who wish to devote in the industry. With an enormous knowledge and background in the industry for more than 25 years, Mr. Khor and his team is confident to assist you on your desires.

Mission Statement

Enlightening the Industry Together

Our aim is to deliver our utmost professional assistance, consolidating our combined expertise, network, resources and experience, so as to enhance the efficiency of our client’s organization and furthermore to boost the industry.

  • Professional Assistance
  • Combined Expertise
  • Network
  • Resources & Experience

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to resolve our client’s business uncertainties together with achieving their company’s goals and objectives. Armed with a complete range of professional business service, we ensure our clients’ success within the complex and fast-paced environment.